Friends of Ours


Sierra Nevada Amateur Radio Society

SNARS was incorporated as a non-profit in 1968, for the purposes of Promotion, Education and the Advancement of the Amateur Radio Service in the Northern Nevada and Eastern California Amateur Radio Communities.  They serve as the largest radio club in Northern Nevada, and offer a plethora of activities for hams both new and old.  

To learn more about SNARS and their upcoming event, visit their website


Chameleon Antenna

Chameleon is an up-and-coming antenna manufacturer, making some of the most innovative products on the market.  Made with the finest material available, they can be used in a variety of applications such as; mobile, portable, base station, marine, EMCOMM, MARS/CAP, ARES, SATERN, RACES, first responders, emergency preparedness, Skywarn, military & government communications and much more.  

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If you're a ham, WTWW is for you.  During the day, their station is filled with some of the best music ever recorded, accompanied by exciting advertisements for new and unique companies and products directly related to ham radio.  They also air a live QSO Show every Tuesday evening!

Check out their programming schedule or listen live at